Monday, July 27, 2015

A Walk with your Dog!

These days, pets are like members of our family.  They play with us, sleep at the end of the bed, and are the most loyal pet if all.  That is why it is important to make sure that our dogs stay happy and healthy.  One of the best ways to keep our pups healthy is making sure they get plenty of exercise outside.  We all know that taking walks is beneficial to our health as humans, and the same applies to dogs.  Taking your dog on a walk every day, even if it is only a short one, will help make sure it stays in top shape.

And while taking your dog on a walk is great exercise for both you and your pup, it can get a little mundane if you do the same walk every day.  So here are a few suggestions to keep your daily walks interesting.

1.  Make it a family affair!  Gather the whole family after dinner and take your dog on a walk around the neighborhood.  If you child is old enough, you can even let him/her have some of the responsibility of holding the leash.

2.  Check our the local dog park.  Lots of cities (and even some suburbs) have dog parks where you can take your dog to socialize with other pups.  This can be a great way to let your dog run free and as an added bonus you might make some new friends!

3.  Head to the lake/pond/beach.  Lots of dogs love to swim and it is great exercise for them.  If you live near a body of water, check to see if they ahve 'off leash hours' where you can bring your dog and let them swim.  This is particularly good during the hot summer months.  

4.  Make a doggie date!  If any of your friends have dogs, make a weekly date to meet up and take your dogs on a walk together.  Lots of local parks allow dogs on leashes and its a great way to mix up your locations while catching up with a friend :)

 Happy Walking!

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