Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dog Breeds for Families

Choosing the breed of dog that is right for your family can be a hard decision.  There are so many factors that play into picking a breed, and it can get overwhelming.  Some people opt for breeds that they had growing up, or pick a dog based on the size, while others have specific requirements like whether a dog is hypoallergenic.  Some people simply choose a dog from a local rescue center because they want to give an unwanted dog a good home.  If you are a first time dog owner, we wanted to share a few of our favorite breeds that we love and make great family pets.  

1.  Golden Retriever
Many people love having golden retrievers because they are such loyal and sweet dogs.   They are very patient which makes them great with kids, and they also have high energy.  They are often used as service dogs and are avid swimmers which is great if your family enjoys the water. 

2.  Labrador Retriever 

Everyone loves a lab!  One of the most popular breeds, labs are very well rounded dogs who love to be with their families and are very obedient.  They are playful, loving, and protective which makes them great for families.  They are quick at learning tricks and will be happy to be chased around the back yard by little ones.

3.  Spaniels
Spaniels are great family breeds and there are so many varieties to choose from!  Spaniels are a solid option because they are very smart dogs and different breeds come in different sizes.  If you are looking for a small family dog, the King Charles Cavalier is a great option because they are about 13-18 pounds and are very gentle with kids while still being very active.  For a more mid size dog, Cocker Spaniels are a wonderful fit.  They are loyal, soft, love children, and easygoing.  Other great spaniel breeds are Irish Water Spaniel (they are hypoallergenic), Brittany Spaneial, Boykin Spaniel, & Field Spaniel. 

4.  The Mutt

 If you really want to make a difference in the life of a dog, then adopting a mutt is the way to go!  There are so many dogs that are in need of loving homes, and shelters are the best place to find a family companion.  Dogs at shelters want nothing more than a great home, and the love they have for their new owners for rescuing them is indescribably.

 What kind of dog do you have & love?

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