Friday, July 24, 2015

Potty Training Treats

When potty training your toddler, the use of a 'treat' can often become handy as part of the reward process for using the toilet.  Some people use stickers or little trinkets, while others opt for a small candy like an m&m or skittle.  What treat you decide to give your child really comes down to personal preference, but we wanted to share a few healthy & simple treat options that you can use as a reward during potty training!

Don't have time to whip up a treat in the kitchen? Our honey lollipops are a great sweet treat and you can feel good knowing you are giving your child delicious honey!

These limeade watermelon pops are super simple to make and you can make them in those small dixie cups so that they are the perfect size for a little treat.

Kids love fruit leather but the store bought ones are loaded with sugars and preservatives.  Making them at home is a great alternative because there are only 3 ingredients and you know they will be good for your kids!

 So there you have it! 3 simple and delicious treats that you can use to reward your child when they succeed at potty training :)

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