Thursday, September 03, 2015

Baby Shower Gifts!

When it comes to baby shower gift, we have you covered!  Our Green House is the perfect destination for all your baby gift needs since we have such a wide variety.  Whether you are looking for something fun and creative, or sentimental we have tons of options.  We also carry a huge selection of baby gift baskets that are full of wonderful baby gifts.  You can either make your own gift basket by selection any of our products, of you can choose one of the dozens of pre-made gift baskets.  

1.  Sophie the giraffe is the highly acclaimed french teething toy that parents have been enjoying for over 40 years.  This toy makes a great add on to any gift and will get lots of use!

2.  Sleep sacks are a great baby shower gift because every baby needs a least a few for their newborn.  They are the perfect way for a baby to feel secure and fall asleep, and we have lots of options.  

3.  Choose from a wide variety of gift basket options or make your own!

4.  Items like this plush book are great gifts because they are soft and easy to throw in a diaper bag.

5.  No baby can every have enough basic onesies and clothing :)

6.  Baby shoes are not only cute, but once a little ones starts to walk around (in a crawler or bouncer) shoes are a necessity.  These simple leather shoes are lightweight and comfortable on baby' feet!

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