Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby Shower Games!

Baby showers are such a fun way to celebrate a soon to be mom!  Getting friends and family together to welcome a new baby is such a special occasion and always lots of fun.  One of our favorite parts of a baby shower is planning the games.  No shower is complete without one or two activities that everyone ca participate in, and they add some interest to the party.  Today we wanted to share three baby shower activities that are sure to be a hit with everyone at the party :)

For the shower celebrating the new mom, we love the idea of having 'Advice for the New Mom' cards.  Each guest can jot down some words of wisdom and encouragement and then put them in a special box for the mom to read.  Everyone has advice when it comes to parenting, but it can be overwhelming listening to it all at once.  These cards are a great solution!

 Baby shower bingo is always a great option and gives everyone something to do while the mom is opening gifts.  Before the new mom opens gifts, everyone fills out their bingo board with what they think she will receive.  While mom is opening gifts, people can fill up their bingo board and see who wins!

A DIY onesie station is so much fun a completely practical.  Every mom knows that babies go through lots of onesies, so having plenty of extra ones on hand is a must.  For the station, buy a selection of onesies in various sizes.  Buy a selection of fabric from the craft store and use the iron on transfer paper to make the fabric heat adhesive.  Then you can cut out various shapes that your guests can use to decorate their onesies and iron on at the party.  Each one will be different and your new mom will love having unique baby clothes!

What are your favorite baby shower activities?!


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