Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fairy Trees

If you little ones love playing with imaginary fairies, they might be excited to learn a little bit about Irish fairy house trees!  Many trees found in the Celtic countryside are said to serve as homes to fairies, as well as posses special powers.  From oak to ash, and apple to elder, all of these trees have special meanings in the world of fairies.  Since trees are so important to fairies, it only makes sense that's where fairies live!

Fairies are mythical creatures that are often refereed to in European folklore.  Today we think of fairies as dainty human like creatures with wings, which is why we can imagine they live in trees.  However, fairies were originally thought to be tall and beautiful creatures that lived among nature. 

Celtic nations often tell the tale that fairies used to live freely out in the open, but were forced into hiding when humans invaded their land.  That is why tress are so important in fairy folklore, because they were the perfect place for fairies to hide when humans were close by.

Fairies have always been associated with nature, and even though today we think of them as angelic creatures, legend has it they were often know for their malice and misbehavior.  Many say this is because humans moved onto the land they once had all to themselves.

 So next time you are out on a nature walk with your little one who loves fairies, keep an eye out for trees that look like they could be a fairy home.  How fun would it be to make one of your own, or have your little one pretend a fairy lives in the tree in your backyard!

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