Monday, June 01, 2015

DIY Fairy Homes

Little girls have such big imaginations, and what little girls doesn't love the world of fairies!  Whether they are playing outside among the flowers and trees, or creating a fantasy fairy world in  the playroom, the possibilities of the imagination are endless.  We love encouraging creative play, and we have found some great ways to help your little one create a fairy dwelling for her imaginary friends.

Use popsicle sticks, fake flowers, and moss to create a simple fairy house.  To make the structure, start off with a small milk carton and just glue on the popsicle sticks to form a house.  Then decorate with the fake blooms so they will stay bright all year round!

Use sticks, leaves, moss, and rocks to make a rustic fairy house outside!  Don't worry about making your house perfect, but instead enjoy the fresh air and have fun gathering all types of natural materials.

For a more simple fairy house, gather a few rocks (any size will work) and paint a pretty house right on the rock!  Have fun letting your little one place these 'fairy rock homes' all around the garden for her fairy friends!

And if you are looking for a more ready to use fairy house, we have some great options at Our Green House.  This fun fairy tale block set is versatile because it can be for princesses one day, and fairies the next!  And with our Flat Out Frankies Princess Castle, your little lady can pretend to be her own fairy princess. 

 So let your little ones' imagination run wild in the land of fairies!

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