Monday, April 27, 2015

A Mom's Perspective on Cloth Diapering

At Our Green House we are all about providing the best organic and natural products for your baby.  One area that we are very passionate about is cloth diapering!  We sell lots of cloth diapering products, and today we are excited to have our wonderful team member, Melissa, share her thoughts on cloth diapering!

 I admit it.  On more than one occasion I have opened up a shipment of cloth diapers and said I needed a new baby.  The soft organic fabrics, the adorable prints, the high you get from doing something better for your planet (is that just me?) - cloth diapering could be called a passion of mine.  Luckily for me, I recently had my second baby who I can use as the official Our Green House cloth diaper tester.  The baby doesn’t seem to mind. 

But really - how could he?  His little heinie is constantly wrapped in the comfort of plush organic cotton.  We had cloth diapered our first baby too, but that was five years ago and even in that short period of time so much has changed.  My first son used fitted diapers with plastic pants because that was all I knew.  With our new little fella we are using some fitted diapers with lightweight wraps, a few all-in-one diapers, and we’ve tried our hand at the economical prefolds.  Having so many cloth diaper options makes it easier to use cloth all day and night.  With a little experimentation I have found which combo is best for lounging at home versus a trip to the store.  The super absorbent Dimple diaper allows us to use cloth all night long.  The best part about knowing that we wanted to use cloth right away was that there are great options out there for even tiny newborn babies.  They go through so many diapers in the beginning, to think of tossing them in the trash seemed like such a waste (literally).  

We are now two months into cloth diapering with our new son and he is rash-free and happy!  I have a stockpile of adorable cloth diapers that I really like - though I will probably need more babies to test the quality over time ;)  

Check out Our Green House’s selection of organic and natural cloth diapers and feel free to email us with any questions.  My next favorite thing after using cloth is talking about using cloth! 

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