Sunday, September 27, 2015

Benefits of Music

Music is such a wonderful part of our lives and it can be very beneficial for babies and toddlers.  Whether you have music on while in the car, or while cooking dinner, your child can enjoy many of the benefits that music has to offer!

Benefits of Music!
Music can be soothing for infants and help them to relax and even fall asleep.  Make sure the music you play is quite and calming; loud music can overstimulate a baby.

Infants can often recognize the melody of a song before they recognize the words.  Once they get a little older, inftants will often try to mimic music they are farmiliar with and move along with the music.  This will help keep the brain stimulated and is a good ealy learning tool for your baby.

Many toddlers love to dance to music, and the key to toddler music is to play upbeat songs with simple lyrics.  The more you play the songs, the more your toddler will recognize the music and start to use the words through memorization.

At Our Green House, we have lots of musical instruments and toys that are perfect for your little musician! 


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