Monday, August 03, 2015

Sunhats & Sun Protection

With summer in full swing, many of us are spending lots of time outside in the sun.  While getting enough vitamin D is important, it is imperative to make sure you and your family stay protected from those strong summer UV rays.  For babies and young children, pediatricians usually recommend that you use sunblock over sunscreen.  While you might think they are the same thing, don't be fooled.  Sunblock is made of minerals that deflect sun from the skin, while sunscreen is made of chemicals that absorb UV rays before they hit the skin. 

Sunblock is a must when spending time outdoors, but sometimes it isn't enough.   It can be easy to forget to reapply, so wearing clothing and hats that help protect from the sun are great additions.  At Our Green House, this is our favorite sun hat because it shields the face as well as the neck and part of the back.  Light colors for sun hats are good because they help keep your little one cool and don't attract the sun like dark colors!

Make sure you stay safe in the sun and protect your little ones with lots of sunblock and the right summer hat :)

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