Monday, July 06, 2015

Summer Camping

With all of the kids finally out of school, and summer in full swing, now is a great time to plan a fun family trip!  We love camping every summer because it is a great way to spend quality time with the family and to unplug (read: no electronics!)  Camping is a great weekend activity and you might be surprised at how many local campgrounds are nearby.   You can often reserve a spot at a campground online to help make the planning process much more convenient.  Today we wanted to share some camping tips that will make your trip a little easier and more fun!

A little planning before your trip can go a long way.  Create a fun scavenger hunt bag by putting pictures on a brown bag and have your kids find all of the items during your camp trip.  This will help them learn about plants and flowers!

 Bundling up dried sage and burning it every once in a while will help repel the mosquitoes.  This is a great alternative to spraying yourself with big spray or burning citronella candles.

Create single use soap slices by  using a potato peeler to shave pieces of soap off of one bar.  Try to use a natural organic soap that won't harm the natural elements of your camp ground.

Create your own large batch of trail mix that you can then divide up into individual bags and containers for snacking.  We love nuts, dried fruit, chocolate covered raisins, sturdy cereals, and granola.  We love making our own trail mix because then we don't end up with items people don't like, plus it is usually healthier than what you buy in the store.

Camping is such a fun summer activity and the proper planning makes it easier and much more fun!

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