Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Recycled from the Beach

Going to the beach with your family is such a fun and memorable trip.  Whether you live down the street from the beach, or only visit every once in a while, it is always nice to take a little piece of the beach back home with you.  Today we wanted to share a few ways to bring add a little bit of the beach to your home by using recycled beach finds!

Turn all of those shells you collected at the beach into beautiful ornaments!  You can use glitter and paint to make lots of ornaments for your own tree, or to give to friends.

Using driftwood to jazz up picture frames is so fun because each frame will be completely unique!

Kids (and adults too) love keeping an eye out for seaglass when at the beach.  When you get home add all of your collected seaglass to an old mason jar or wine bottle.  The different colors of seaglass look so pretty together and it make such a great conversation piece.

Last but not least, how adorable are these seashell koalas!?   Gathers all different size seashells, and when you and the kids get home you can sort through them by size and make a whole family of seashell koalas to remember your beach trip by.

 How do you like to recycle your beach finds?

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