Monday, June 08, 2015

Celebrate Dad!

Father's day is coming up on June 21st, and we wanted to share ways to celebrate with dad on his special day!  Having the kids involved with planning for Father's Day is a great way to get them excited and to show their appreciation for all that dad does.  There are lots of great activities that the whole family can enjoy together, and a holiday like Father's Day is the perfect time to carve out an entire day for lots of family fun!

1:  Breakfast in Bed:  For the dad who loves to sleep in, have the kids prepare a special breakfast in bed for dad!  Work with your kids to plan a simple breakfast menu, and then do the shopping together.  In the morning let the kids help make the breakfast and have them surprise him with their special meal.

2.  Family Hike & Picnic: For the dad who loves to be outdoors, plan a fun hike where the whole family can enjoy the fresh air, and then have a fun picnic where you can serve dad's favorite picnic foods!  Have the kids get involved with planning where the picnic should be, and if they are old enough have them help prepare the food before you leave!

3.  Play Mini Golf:  For the dad who loves golf, take the whole family to play mini-golf.  Playing mini-golf means that every member of the family can be involved, and it is a great outdoor activity!  It is also a great way for dad to practice his putting :)

4.  Create Something Together:  For the dad who enjoys projects, build/create something simple yet exciting like a bird house.  When the birdhouse is done, the whole family can find the perfect tree to put it, and keep an eye on it to see when birds decided to make it a home.  Other projects can include plating a garden or flowers, setting up a tree swing, or even doing an arts & crafts project!

For more fun Father's Day ideas, click here!  And don't forget to head over to Our Green House to find a great selection of gifts for dad!

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