Monday, May 11, 2015

What to do with Dandelions

With Spring in full bloom, dandelions are popping up in abundance.  While lots of people view dandelions as pesky weeds that clutter the lawn, there are actually lots of ways you can use them!  If you have little girls, making a dandelion crown is a great way to spend some time outdoors.  And if you have extra dandelions when you are all done, here are some other great ways to use these beautiful yellow flowers.

We can't wait to try out these dandelion lotion bars!  What a wonderful scent and flavor for the summer, and a great way to make sure your hands stay moist after working in the garden. 

This dandelion greens salad looks like a wonderful way to use the greens of the dandelion, not just the flowers.

How about some dandelion bread to go with that dandelion green salad?    This fluffy loaf incorporates the separated dandelion flowers and we can only imagine how delicious it will taste with some homemade berry preserves!

Dandelion tea is simple and is great served hot or over ice.  Get your kids involved and have them help pick the dandelions and then make the tea together!

 Do you have any favorite uses for dandelion?  We can't wait to test all of these out while the dandelions are in full bloom :)

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