Monday, May 04, 2015

Helping the Honey Bees

Honeybees are such in important part of our eco-system.  Not only do they provide delicious honey for us to eat, but about 1/3 of all crops are pollinated by honeybees.  If honeybees can't maintain their colonies and survive, then our whole eco-system could be at risk and the price of crops would likely sky-rocket.  
It is important that we all do our part to support honeybees since they do so much behind the scene work to ensure we have plenty of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables to eat.  One way we can help the honeybees is to create a bee friendly garden!  Planting the right flowers, along with providing food and shelter are all great ways to help your local honeybees thrive!  

Keeping our honeybees alive and happy is so important, so when you are out planting your spring and summer gardens,  think twice about the bees and add a few beautiful flowers just for them :)

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