Thursday, April 10, 2014

All Natural Essential Oil Bug Repellent Perfume

Smooth vanilla, sweet orange and earthy cedarwood come together in this botanical Aromaflage perfume that doubles as a all natural bug repellent.


  • Botanical essential oil formulation is described as uniquely sensual and utterly compelling
  • Enjoyed by both men and women
  • Safe, DEET-free, toxin-free, all natural bug spray
  • Recommended for children over the age of three
  • A few sprays to cover the exposed area is all that you need to keep bugs away
  • Spray liberally every two hours, or as often as needed
  • The Aromaflage bottles are made from the finest glass in the world, designed in Italy and decorated with 24K gold
  • Comes packaged in a travel friendly pouch which lends itself to on the go use

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