Friday, October 24, 2008

Natural Cures for Cold & Flu

We recently had our training session on the Dr. Hauschka line of homeopathic remedies. The German company has had seventy years experience creating natural medicines based on the healing properties of nature to restore the body’s natural rhythms and balance.
While it was difficult at times for me to get my head around the power of these remedies, I found it extremely interesting. The idea that healing powers of a plant can be extracted and then diluted to the point that there is almost nothing left and then fight a cold is amazing! Even more amazing is that they work on my family.
This requires a shift in my current thinking that I am willing to make.


  1. Looks like reasonable pricing too. We don't battle too many colds in our house, but when we do, homeopathic has worked for us every time! What a pretty first aid kit. I'll have to try some of that nicotiana next month...

  2. We use Hauschka skin care products in our house. I didn't know they made homeopathic remedies. My kids stay remarkably healthy, but this looks good for the time when something may begin to creep up. Thanks for sharing. -Ali :)